2023 Christmas Draw Results

Please see below a list of the prizes available at our most recent Christmas Draw as well as the lucky winners of each.


First Prize Rob Langan
Second Prize Andy Pike
Biscuit Selection Ed Bell
Sauvignon Blanc Ed Bell
Jack Daniels Mark Boxall
Prosecco June Burnham
Tribute Ale Pack June Burnham
Port June Burnham
Sparkling Wine Malky Burns
Gin Mark Button
Chocolates Mark Button
Baileys Steve Cox
Chocolates Sam Crowder
Whisky Steve Dilks
Chocolates Les Garton
Sparkling Wine Steve Hiscox
Guinness Jim & Helen
Sauvignon Blanc Alex Johnson
Chocolates Alex Johnson
Whisky Rob Langan
Chocolates Roy McCullough
Port Ray Phillips
Prosecco Ray Phillips
Gin George Rowe
Confectionary Hugh Sawyer
Port Rich Stockley
Stella Jan Walker
Bombay Sapphire Nick Williams
Chocolates Nick Williams
Thatchers Cider Martin Woodham