AGM – 13th June 2014

Bath Saracens RFC AGM 2014
Held at The Ram in Widcombe 13th June 2014

Present: Goodfriend, Bell, Blankley, Biss JE, Biss JA, Hiscox, Pyles, Lawrence, Bradley A, Williams

Apologies: Swabey, Garton L, Garton L, Sawyer, Bradley J

2. Previous Minutes

3. Secretary’s Report

General comments
– There were 10 full meetings of the committee. Average number attending each meeting was 7.
– All in all business has operated fairly smoothly.
– We competed this season in D&W Division II (North)achieving a credible mid-table finish.
– No re-structure has taken place in the D&W leagues and we will compete again in D&W II next year
– Although playing in D&W we continue to be affiliated to the Somerset and Civil Service RFU’s .
– The team manager’s post has not been formally filled this year and we have been without a head coach for much of the season.
– Hugh continues to maintain an excellent club web-site.
– We owe Ali Bradley thanks for his hard work over the season as Club Captain and to all those who have assisted with coaching.

Ground and post-match hospitality
Thankfully we have continued to receive sponsorship from the CSSA (Bath) for the costs of playing and training at the Sulis Club. Post-match entertainment has once-again been hosted by Graham and team at the Hadley Arms, who continue to provide both a warm welcome and tremendous food.

International Tickets
Mike York has continued to manage our (small) International Ticket allocation over the last year to satisfy the members requirements.

Social Activities
Liam has organised a number of successful social events this year, culminating in a memorable tour to Cornwall and a successful club dinner. Well Done!

Like all clubs and societies Bath Saracens can only continue to exist with a life-blood of new players joining the team. We have a number of new faces on the pitch. I hope that we can build on this next year and as a club give the full weight of our support to next years membership secretary.

Players player – Owen Swabey
Captains Award – Robbie Lawrence
Clubman of the year – Liam Emmett
Most improved player – Ashley Noakes

4. Captains Report

Once again we had a perfectly average season; winning half our games, losing the other half! We finished 6th of 12 and won 11 of 22 games

Season highlights were the 101-5 win against Swindon College old boys as well as then beating them at their place and the double against Supermarine, including the 80-0 win.

This was again an excellent season for the social side of the club; Morganians was thoroughly enjoyed by all and the Toor organised by Liam Emmett was superb. There were also plenty of enjoyable socials etc… both after games and non-official!

There are a two items I would suggest require attention in the coming season:
-Player recruitment – a core of our student players are leaving us. We will need to replace them or we will struggle for numbers more than usual.
-Training – we still require a coach. Whilst I and others have filled in ad-hoc this season we should address this soon.

Beyond the issues highlighted above the season has been excellent. We were perfectly average however, we didn’t want to get promoted or demoted so it’s hard to argue with a result like that!

I’d like to think the team has enjoyed itself this season and that the culture of the club (read beers and socialising) has been maintained and developed.

Thank you to the committee and to the team in general for the pleasure of being captain this season and good luck to he who fills my shoes next season!

5. Treasurers Report
Steve submitted the annual accounts. These were approved at the meeting. Members may request a copy from the treasurer. The meeting passed a vote of thanks to the treasurer for his hard work.

6. Changes to the Constitution and Rules
a. Disciplinary Committee. Proposed that the following paragraph be added to the Secretaries duties:
“In the event of an offence occurring that, under the rules of the Somerset RFU, can be dealt with at club level the Secretary shall organise and schedule a disciplinary committee, reporting the outcome to the county disciplinary committee.”


7. Annual Subscriptions
A number of proposals were made including maintaining the status quo, adding a subscription for the unwaged. After some debate and a series of votes it was agreed that Waged members would pay £25.00; unwaged £5.00.

8. Election of Officers
a. Chairman – Dave Pyles
b. General Secretary – Jim Biss
c. Honorary Treasurer – Steve Hiscox
d. Fixture Secretary – Robbie Lawrence
e. Social Secretary – TBC
f. Membership Secretary – Owen Swabey
g. Captain –Ed Bell
h. Team Manager – Not to be Filled this year
i. General Committee
    i. Ali Bradley
    ii. Jon Bradley
    iii. Hugh Sawyer
    iv. Mike York
    v. Paul Blankley
    vi. Jack Goodfriend

There remains the option to co-opt additional members as necessary.

9. Any Other Business
a. Audit of Accounts
Under the provisions of RFU Rule 5.1.5(c) the Club agreed to opt out of a formal audit or examination, by a qualified accountant, of the Club’s 2013-14 Annual Financial Statement. The resolution was passed unanimously.
b. Lottery Returns
To comply with the latest council regulation the officers certifying the club lottery returns need to be agreed by the Membership. For this year the Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary were proposed and agreed.
c. Training.
To commence 1st Tuesday in July