Christmas Draw 2022 Winners

Please see below a list of the prizes available at our most recent Christmas Draw as well as the lucky winners of each.

Bombay Sapphire Gin Ellen Brown
Baileys Irish Cream Owen Swabey
Shiraz Max Hemmings
Port Rob Langham
Red Wine Maddie Pyles
Chateauneuf Du Pape Steve Hiscocks
Johnny Walker Black Label Dave McElhinney
Vodka Les Garton
Red Wine Les Garton
Champagne Huw Gover
Heineken Les Garton
Jack Daniels Pete Astley
Prosecco Rob Garton
Tin of Biscuits Holly Brown
Champagne Frank Bader
Red Wine Martha Brown
Tanqueray Sevilla Paul Blankley
Vodka Mark Boxall
Brewdog Beers Pete Astley
Red Wine Mrs’ Navarrete
Port Ray Phillips
Panetone / Hotel Chocolat Rob Garton
Prosecco Steve Hiscocks
White Wine Martha Brown
Biscuits Alex Reilly
Fifty Pounds Ed Bell
One Hundred Pounds Pete Astley