Christmas Draw winners 2018

Christmas Draw winners 2018 1

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas for 2018! Don’t hold back on the mince pies this season, it makes those first few games of the new year all the more interesting. Here’s a list of all winners from the 2018 Christmas Draw:

Tanqueray GinTom Doughty
Beefeater GinAdie (Devonshire Arms)
ProseccoMark Button
White WineColin Wilshere
Red WIneAlex Reilly
Case of PeroniEd Bell
Red WineRich Cope
Courvoisier BrandyRay Phillips
Smirnoff VodkaAdie (Devonshire Arms)
Red WineColin Wilshire
Case of Stella ArtoisJamie Wright (Combe Down RFC)
Cockburns PortMary Morgan
Red WineColin Wilshire
BaileysJim & Helen c/o Jim Biss
Tanqueray GinJon Bradley
Jim BeamMike Walker (Devonshire Arms)
White BurgundyPete Astley
White WineNikki (Devonshire Arms)
ProseccoMs Garton
Rose CavaOwen Swabey
White WineRay Philips
White WineGerry Burns (Combe Down RFC)
White WineTom Doughty
Red WineEd Bell
Case of San MiguelRob Garton
Red WineCarol (Hadley Arms)
Case of Stella ArtoisKaren Sawyer
Grants WhiskeyHeidi Garton
Fifty PoundsJim Biss
One Hundred PoundsMichelle Spence (The Trinity Inn)